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About Us

Affinity Marketing Group (AMG) is a leading sales and business development firm concentrating on affinity marketing and customer loyalty programs for financial institutions, insurance companies, and internet-based marketing organizations. AMG helps affinity organizations and product & service marketers provide exceptional products and services to their members or customers through creative turnkey partnership and co-branded programs.

Through our affiliates and alliances with leading corporations, we offer a full array of distinctive benefits including Affinity Member Card Programs, Lifestyle Credit Card Programs, Auto and Home Insurance and Direct Marketing Services.

In partnership with AMG, organizations and product & service providers are boosting member and customer satisfaction, building long-term loyalty, opening new communication channels, generating incremental revenue, and attracting new members and customers at virtually no cost to the organization.


Affinity Marketing Group is one of the most experienced and influential companies in partnership marketing. With decades of experience and in-depth knowledge of all aspects of affinity and co-branded products and services, our ability to develop successful programs for affinity and relationship marketing channels is unrivaled.

AMG management helped propel both MBNA and First USA to their positions as two of the world's largest credit card issuers by establishing affinity and co-branded card marketing alliances between the banks and over 4,000 prominent associations and companies over two decades. Many other organizations have benefited from our unique understanding of the needs of member-based groups and our database of more than 25,000 potential marketing partners.


Affinity Marketing Group built its business on knowing the people it sells to and the products and services they need. Our goal is to provide you with the best total solution to your needs.

We do this by offering our clients expertise that drives client performance and by providing real, meaningful tailoring and customization of products and programs.

Our unmatched value is not just in product or price, but in the level of service, guidance, and expertise we offer our clients. We will deliver a total solution tailored and coordinated by a dedicated account team and efficiently delivered through selected product and service providers.

Management Team

Douglas D. Furbush III

As Chief Executive Officer of Affinity Marketing Group, Mr. Furbush focuses on new corporate partners who wish to deliver their products through the affinity distribution channel. With over 20 years of direct affinity marketing experience, Mr. Furbush is a veteran in marketing products and services to associations and affinity groups: including financial services, insurance services, fundraising, travel, and telecommunications. Mr. Furbush also lends his expertise to the review of and assistance to specific portfolio companies via AMG's affiliate, Affinity Venture Group, and is an equity holder in AVG's operations.

Before joining AMG, Mr. Furbush was founder and President of Trans National Communications, Inc. (TNC), which sells telecom services to the affinity group marketplace. As President, Mr. Furbush led the company to #12 on the 1996 INC. 500 list.

Prior to founding TNC, Mr. Furbush was the Chief Financial Officer of Trans National Group Services, Inc. (TNGS), a $250 million multinational affinity marketing company.

Mr. Furbush received a Bachelor of Science degree from Boston College.

W. Scott Burke

As President of Affinity Marketing Group, Mr. Burke is responsible for providing leadership to position the company at the forefront of the affinity marketing industry. Mr. Burke is responsible for overseeing all aspects of AMG's loyalty practice which includes consulting, business development and marketing activities. In addition, Mr. Burke is an adjunct faculty member at Mount Ida College where he teaches multiple courses within the School of Business.

Prior to joining Affinity Marketing Group in 2001, Mr. Burke devoted 16 years to publicly traded corporations and entrepreneurial start-up ventures. His experience includes positions as Vice President of Business Development for S&H Greenpoints, the reincarnation of S&H Green Stamps, a leading provider of consumer loyalty programs; Vice President of Marketing and Sales for Saucony, Inc., a leading manufacturer of athletic footwear, athletic apparel, and bicycles; and Vice President of Marketing and Product Development for Craft House International, a leading manufacturer of activity toys, educational toys, sport toys, crafts, and hobbies.

Dr. Burke earned his Doctorate in Organization Change from Pepperdine University in 2005. His content expertise (dissertation research) is grounded in the subject of Business Loyalty (employee, member, customer and investor). In addition, Dr. Burke holds a Masters of Business Administration from the Graziadio School of Business and Management at Pepperdine University and a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Miami University (Oxford, Ohio).

Martin D. Marcus
Executive Vice President, Affinity Vacation Centers

As Executive Vice President for Affinity Vacation Centers, Mr. Marcus is responsible for leading and managing our travel business. Marty works directly with the best in breed travel product providers to ensure our Vacation Centers provide the best possible member experience. In addition, he is responsible for the marketing and sales of the Vacation Centers through the association and affinity distribution channels.

Prior to joining AMG, Mr. Marcus held leadership positions for several large companies over his 35 year career in both the travel and credit card industries. These positions included: Senior Vice President, Referral Marketing and Group Sales for Grand Circle Travel and Overseas Adventure Travel, one of the country’s largest direct market tour operators; Executive Vice President at Vantage Deluxe Travel; Founder and President of American International Cruise Service; and Senior Vice President of Group Sales for Trans National Travel. Marty also served as Vice President at First USA Partners, where he focused on the fraternal vertical and secured some of the largest national affinity groups in First USA Bank’s portfolio.

Mr. Marcus has extensive international business experience and is well known for the marketing and sales of products and services through the association and affinity distribution channels. He also contributed to an article, Affinity Marketing, What Is It and How Does It Work? This was published in the Journal of Consumer Marketing. It remains one of the definitive articles for affinity marketing.

Mr. Marcus served 4 years in the U.S. Air Force during the Vietnam era. He is a Master Mason in the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts and a Noble in the Aleppo Shriners of Wilmington, MA. He resides in Newton, Massachusetts.

Carl Novotny

Mr. Novotny is the Chairman of Affinity Marketing Group as well as a Managing Director of the Venture Capital Fund of New England (VCFNE) IV. Prior to forming AMG, Mr. Novotny was CEO and General Manager of Affinity Partners International, LP (API). Also known as First USA Partners, API was the exclusive sales and business development division of First USA Bank, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bank One.

Before forming API, Mr. Novotny co-founded Trans National Financial Services, Inc. (TNFS) and served as Executive Vice President and COO. A pioneering company in the development of affinity marketing techniques, TNFS managed the marketing of financial services - most notably affinity credit card services - for 5 leading banks: MBNA America, Bank of Virginia (Signet Bank), BancOhio, Bank of New England, and The Bank of Montreal (Canada).

Previous to the formation of TNFS, Mr. Novotny was Senior Vice President of Strategic Planning at Trans National Travel, Inc. (TNT), where he led the diversification of the group travel company into non-travel affinity marketing activities. His work at TNT led to the formation of TNFS.

Mr. Novotny received a Bachelor of Science degree from Rice University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.